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Printing from the iSeries

Printing is a critical process in any organization's application flow, so keeping your iSeries printer up and running is a must. We've gathered some of the top expert advice, tips and articles to help you print and distribute your data and reports to your users. These resources will guide you through the printing process, as well as advise you should you run into any problems.

Printing is a critical process in any organization's application flow, so keeping your iSeries printer up and running...

is a must. We've gathered some of the top expert advice, tips and articles to help you print and distribute your data and reports to your users. These resources will guide you through the printing process, as well as advise you should you run into any problems.


   Chapter 1: Advice from the experts on connecting to printers
   Chapter 2: Getting data from iSeries into Excel, text or PDF format
   Chapter 3: Formatting documents
   Chapter 4: Working with overlays
    Chapter 5: Working with spool files
   Chapter 6: Distributing documents
   Chapter 7: Print/document management tools
   Chapter 8: Additional printing resources
   Chapter 9: Just for fun!


Chapter 1: Advice from the experts on connecting to printers Return to Table of Contents


System i printing: Configuring an ASCII printer
Chip Milosch gets into the nitty gritty of configuring an ASCII printer for IBM i printing. Learn configuration commands, printer setup, and find out how to create the printer device in this detailed guide to system i printing.

Solve printing problems when using Personal Communications 5.7
A user has problems printing the print screen using Personal Communications 5.7 with an HP ps2015. Troubleshoot this issue by going through the Printer Setup process and checking if your 5.7 setup could be part of the problem.

Set up a HP Deskjet 6988 with a built-in internal NIC as a stand-alone printer
To set up a printer with built-in internal NIC as a standalone on the AS/400, define it as an ASCII printer and use the host print transform function. Chip Milosch refers readers to his article on configuring an ASCII printer to learn more about connecting printers to the iSeries as a remote writer or IP device.

Do AS/400 printers have to be IPDS compatible?
Printers do not have to be IPDS compatible in order to print from devices such as the cannon imageRunner on the iSeries. An expert explains how this connection may require a Work Station Customization Object and directs you to tips on configuring an ASCII printer.

Workstation customization is necessary for printer drawer selection
Printer drawers are notorious for mix-ups. If you run into trouble with printer tray selection using OCE printers on IBM i, use this tip to create a Workstation Customizing Object.

HP 4300 printing errors from iSeries 515
Upgrading your iSeries means updating your printer connections as well. This user found printer problems when upgrading from an old AS/400 to an iSeries 515, from an HP as an LAN printer. Create a Workstation Customizing Object and delve into duplex control settings to fix this connection.

Tray selection for remote printers from AS/400
Need a special form printed from a remote printer tray with IBM i? Tray selection equates to the DRAWER attribute of the spooled file attributes. If you are getting the wrong tray selection, you will need to set up a custom WSCST object.

Delayed printing from AS/400 on Windows 2003 network server
Has your Windows printer server caused a printing delay on the iSeries? Unless you altered your iSeries settings or upgraded, delays probably issue from the Windows server. One user upgraded from a 2000 server to Windows 2003 and asks the experts about printing delays.

Separator pages: Printer generated or AS/400 generated?
You can stop separator pages from printing off your HP on the iSeries. Use the iSeries device configuration to find out if these issues are coming from the iSeries or the printer itself.

Changing the default system printer for AS400
Changing your default system printer on IBM i has no negative side-effects. Chip Milosch explains how to implement the change, and why this will only affect where to direct system print jobs.

Remote *LAN printer configuration: Not printing full documents
A printer time-out could be the source of problems printing lengthy documents on a remote LAN printer. If your printer aborts long print jobs with the AS/400, check out this expert response for solutions.

Problems with print screen function on iSeries CA since upgrade
A user is having an issue using the print screen function on iSeries Client Access since the company upgraded it to 5.7 -- the print screen just prints blank pages. Chip Milosch tells you how to use Printer Setup to solve this problem.

Connecting an HP LaserJet to the iSeries
Learn how to connect an HP LaserJet (or any ASCII) printer to the iSeries. The most important steps are to correctly identify the printer to the iSeries via a WorkStation Customization Object and to use the correct port on the iSeries printer device description. An expert explains these steps in this brief how-to.

iSeries to PC printing on HP printers
A user wonders how to send an Escape seq in RPG so the printer can understand. Check out this expert response for tips on coding sequences in RPG for iSeries printing on HP printers.

What's the correct configuration for my network printer?
Is your printer configuration preventing you from successful printing? A user asks about unwanted bar codes from an OTC 1050 printer attached with HP Jet Direct to a remote LAN. Richard Belles suggests configurations for your network printer.

Connecting an HP LaserJet to the iSeries
One user writes, "I'm using a HP LaserJet 3030. I would like to use the printer to my iSeries. What's the best method to follow?" Printing and output expert Chip Milosch explains two important details to remember when connecting any ASCII printer with the iSeries – identifying the printer to the iSeries and using the correct connection port. Learn how to connect your HP LaserJet printer to the iSeries with this expert response.

Printing to an Epson FX-880 printer
Ever wonder if it's possible to set up an Epson to print from the AS/400 using an IP address? Expert Ken Graap explains how you can. You can print directly from the AS/400 to a network-attached printer by creating a remote output queue, says Graap. Find the output queue here if you want your Epson FX-880 to print from the AS/400 using an external jet direct box.

Connecting an HP2200 printer to the iSeries
It can be difficult to decipher what manufacturer type and model to plug into the device description when connecting a new printer. Maybe you lost some packaging or maybe it's just too hard to locate these details in the connection chaos. Crack the code with this expert response about connecting a HP2200 printer to the iSeries.

Configure an HP printer with Jetdirect
Find the commands needed to configure a HP 7140xi printer with JetDirect on an iSeries TCP/IP, as well as links explaining the commands to create a LAN attached printer.

Printing over an Epson DFX8500 and a Fujitsu DL6400 printer
An expert explains how to get your Epson to emulate an IBM 2380 or 2381, though this may mean reconfiguration. Check out this response if you want to print lists over an Epson and Fujitsu printer on IBM i.

Printing to an HP1000 connected to a Windows 98 PC
Having trouble printing from your HP on a Windows 98 PC? If you see the document on screen but it doesn't leave the printer, try expert Shahar Mor's suggestions for local translation.

Setting up printers on a Twinax network
A user asks how to configure printers on a Twinax network. Richard Belles gives a quick hint for the detail that could help you instantly configure.

Setting up a remote host printer
It's easy to set up a remote host printer on IBM i with these simple instructions from expert Richard Belles. Just assign the IP address, create the remote out queue, and address the printer from the iSeries.

Configuring iSeries Navigator to print through a Citrix server
If you've just installed the iSeries navigator on your Citrix server, you may see some differences in printed documents. Check the printer configuration in the navigator to make sure the default font and printer driver haven't changed.

Connecting a Printronix 5210 printer to the LAN
Learn how to configure your Printronix 5210 to connect with a LAN. Start by assigning an IP address and an output queue, then follow the commands in this expert response for connecting a printer to the LAN with IBM i.

Connecting a Fuji Xerox printer to a separate LAN for printing
You can connect your printer to separate LANs on IBM i within the same premise. Use this user's question about a Fuji Xerox's Document Center 405 printer to learn how the Ethernet connection allows users on both LANs to access the device for printing and faxing.

Problems printing to a network ASCII printer
A few quick changes to the device description can solve problems with paper sizing on a network ASCII printer. Check out these suggestions for configuring the printer for legal size paper and requesting a page range document.

Using Client Access to connect to personal printer
Using InfoPrint Design might mean you'll need to reconfigure your printer session to ensure access with all network printers. This user had problems printing from a PC using Client Access Printer Session, though her HP LaserJet 4100 worked fine with other network printers. Learn how to configure the printer session in Client Access to use host print transform.

Printing to a network printer from a remote location
Having problems printing to a network printer from a remote location? This expert explains how to check firewall configurations that may solve printing issues with a remote site with VPN connected to the iSeries.

Has my Lexmark Optra printer gone mad?
Weird things happen. But when weird things happen with your Lexmark Optra S1855 on an iSeries network – like strange characters printing instead of your document -- check out this response to learn how to use Host Print Transform to solve Lexmark printing issues on IBM i.

Is there a way to take control of a print job?
There are a few pitfalls of remote output -- particularly your loss of ability to control printing details. An expert lists a few possible solutions to controlling a network printer on the iSeries using remote outq so you're back in the driver's seat.

Adding a new printer model in Client Access
You got a new printer and connected it to your PC through Client Access from the iSeries. But your exact model isn't on the list of printers in Client Access setup -- is close good enough for the model name? Shahar Mor says printers from the same family will often make the cut.

Why can we no longer print to local printers using V4R5?
A reader says his company has for a long time printed from OS/400 V4R5 to local printers on PCs via remote OUTQ'S specifying IP address and printer share names. If you can no longer print to local printers using V4R5 on your IBM i system, it could be related to network issues.

Tips for printing from the iSeries to network printers
Expert John Brandt explains how you can print directly from the AS/400 to a network-attached printer by creating a remote output queue. Learn how to configure LAN printers on the AS/400.

Get your iSeries to print to Windows2000/IP networked printers
Looking for information on getting your iSeries 820 to print to Windows 2000/IP networked printers? This expert response points you to the right place.

Getting past firewall to print from Web server
This user's Raptor firewall prevents an HP printer on IBM i from printing from the Web server. If you have the remote outq configured and the communication job still won't start, check out this response to open the ports needed for successful printing.

Retrieve output queue IP addresses for all printers
When you need to find the IP addresses for all printers on your system, create an externally described physical file and then run a CL program to retrieve all output queue IP addresses on your IBM i.

Print off the iSeries to a remote location
Printing to a remote location on the iSeries is easy with Client Access. In this tip, find the steps to configure remote IP printing.

Display device output queues
Check out this in-depth code for displaying device output queues on the AS/400.

Three ways to configure remote outque to LAN printers
Learn three ways to configure remote outq to LAN printers on IBM i. You can create an outq with a hard-coded IP address, an outq with host name from the AS/400 host table that contains the hard-code IP address, or one with the host name from the DNS server.


Chapter 2: Getting data from iSeries into Excel, text or PDF format


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Excel documents

Extract data from the iSeries
The best way to get external data from the iSeries 400 is by using an ODBC driver. The Client Access ODBC driver is considered to be a very good option.

Automating the data extraction process
Don't update an excel spreadsheet manually – you can do it automatically through your iSeries! Learn how to automate the process to update excel data on the iSeries.

Automatically download data for a PC
It's easy to automatically download iSeries 400 data off the system, even if you're not too familiar with SQL or iSeries commands. Learn to automate iSeries downloads with these easy step-by-step instructions. This is only for users who have the iSeries 400, are on a TCP network (Ethernet) and are using Windows PCs.

Transfer iSeries files into Excel using Client Access
Learn how to transfer iSeries files to Excel using Client Access with this member submitted tip. The first thing you need to do is to make sure Client Access is added to Excel. Follow these easy commands to complete this short process.

Data transfer -- Adding meaningful Excel column headings
Moving data from point A to point B can sometimes end up altering that data. If you are extracting data from Physical files on the iSeries into an Excel file, column headings may change in the process. An expert explains how to use the data transfer options to ensure your headings mean what you meant them to mean.

Use Excel, WebSphere to present live iSeries business data
Need a convenient way to view summaries of your business' vast amounts of iSeries data? Better yet, would you like to do it free using software you already have and are familiar with? Then we may have the solution you have been searching for: Microsoft's Excel. Excel is not just for crunching numbers in lifeless spreadsheets. Learn how to use Excel to present live iSeries business data.

Use the Web, Excel and ODBC for iSeries formatting
Mix in a handful of Easy400 cgidev2, a preformatted Excel spreadsheet and Client Access ODBC and what do you get? An easy way for users to get iSeries data into the format that they require to do their jobs.

How to use Java to integrate Excel worksheets
While you can buy many tools that automate the process of integrating Excel worksheets and iSeries data, some -- such as iSeries Client Access -- are expensive. If you want to integrate Excel with relational data on any platform, Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) support allows you to use simple, dynamic SQL to do this easily.

Run SQL with output to an Excel file
Wouldn't it be convenient to run SQL with output to an Excel file? Follow these three samples provided to produce Excel sheets with RPG -- no other software is needed. You can control exactly what is extracted from your databases.

Download to Excel
You can use Client Access to download data to Excel on the AS/400. A convenient tool bar allows you to streamline the download process. Learn more about what it can do in this iSeries 400 tip.

Text files

Plain text printing
A user asks if there is any way that to suppress control print characters on IBM i, as ideally the Forms Overlay Software only needs to see the actual print text. An expert reveals the values needed to direct the host print transform to perform spool only conversion.

Transferring a database file to a PC text file
Learn these three easy steps to transfer a database file to a PC text file for every update without using strpccmd.

How to copy spool files to a PC
Need to copy spool files to a PC? A user wants the data to be converted for use by a direct mailing program – through an automated task. Learn what utility to use for copying a spool to a stream file on the iSeries.

How to export iSeries journals to a PC
Sometimes there isn't just a single command that gets the job done. If you want to export iSeries journals to a PC and manage them there, you'll have to use a combination of commands. Find these commands here, and learn about some problems you might encounter with this task.

RPG IV program to generate cover letters and to list orders
Allow for some flexibility in your method of generating cover letters. Because the text can change often and you want users to be able to change text as needed, John Blenkinsop provides you with instructions for a flexible RPG IV program that will generate cover letters and list customer orders.

Copy spool files to a PC text file
If you'd like to copy spool files to a PC text file (if you have Client Access) there is an alternate option to using the CPYSPLF command and then doing a data transfer from the iSeries. Find 8 easy steps in this iSeries 400 tip.

Quick way to convert a spool file
Jim Doyle explains how to convert spool files with Client Access using OpsNav.

Converting spool files to text
This tip provides you with the code to transfer a spool file to a text file in order to print it from a PC or include it in a document. The filename, library, and folder entries will be different depending on what you choose to call them, but here are the basics.

Advanced copy/paste techniques for Client Access
Who knew copy and paste could be so exciting? Yes, there are advanced techniques for copy/paste in Client Access when you want to move several pages of data. You can even make this process much less cumbersome using the Copy Append option under the Edit pull-down menu. Check out a few methods for copy/paste in this tip.

How to save time using the CPYTOPCD and CPYFRMPCD commands
The CPYTOPCD and CPYFRMPCD commands provide a two-way data conversion utility between the iSeries and PC via the shared folders system on the iSeries. Check out these explanations of the translate table parameter and PC data parameter that are handy to know in conjunction with these commands.

Drag and drop printer output to PC
There are simple methods of taking an AS/400 spool file and attaching it to an email. Learn how to drag and drop printer output to the PC and then convert into a text file that can be used as an email attachment.

PDF files

Convert spool files to PDF
You need the licensed program product 5722IP1 InfoPrint Server installed on your iSeries to convert a text file to a PDF file using OpsNav. Even with this installed, you may need to explore Windows program utilities to allow this conversion.

Convert iSeries output into a PDF
It is indeed possible to convert iSeries output into a PDF and then email it to recipients. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this task; we take you through a few here.

Print PDF documents that are stored in IFS
You might need a third-party tool to print PDF documents stored in IFS. Learn about extra tools for IBM i printing.

Generating a PDF from an iSeries spool file
There are several ways to set up an object that generates a PDF for display on a requesting Web site. Jim Mason talks about one tool he used, and other methods for generating a PDF from an iSeries spool file.

Convert spooled files to PDF using Java
Use the iSeries command SPLTOPDF to convert spooled files to PDF files using Java. Check out the preparation steps and a list of the commands, step-by-step, needed to convert files.

Using AFPRSC to print .jpg or .pdf files from the IFS on AS/400
You can use AFPRSC to print JPG or PDF files on AS/400. Find out how to print a scanned image on your iSeries in this expert response to a user's question.


Chapter 3: Formatting documents


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Determine printing options available for preprinted medical forms
When this user asked what printing options are available for preprinted medical forms, expert Chip Milosch said to stop using preprinted forms altogether. Check out his ideas for using Forms Designer and data mapping tools to create "soft" forms that you can then drag and drop the print data onto -- so everything lines up just right!

Acknowledging control characters in a print file on IBM i without writing a program
If you want to upload a file with format control characters to the AS/400, use these quick commands as outlined by our expert. You can acknowledge the control characters without having to write a program.

Setting up double-sided printing from the AS/400
Don't get double-crossed by double-sided printing. With this expert response, learn how to print overlays double-sided on your iSeries with a single command and printer file definition.

Resolving printing problem where columns are omitted from print job
A user says that when doing a print screen from the AS/400 the last two columns are omitted from the printout. Read suggestions on how to solve this problem.

Changing the font size
Without using Advanced Function Printing, you are fairly limited on what you can do with font sizes. Here, Tim Granatir gives some ideas for increasing font size through print file details on the iSeries. Playing with the characters-per-inch settings could give the effect of larger font on your laser printer on the AS/400.

Changing a default printer
The default is not always the best choice. If you want to change the default printer on IBM i with a usrprf assigned, first decide whether you want to make this change permanent or only for a specific job. Then, find out the commands for changing the default printer in this expert response.

Saving escape characters
Escape characters are almost always stripped out by IBM printer interfaces. If you want to send escape characters to a network printer to change the font, orientation, etc., you may be wasting your time. An expert suggests researching and investing in one of the forms design packages available. Check out his advice on saving escape characters.

Problems printing a graph
IPDS or non-IPDS: that is the question. This user wants to know if an embedded graph can print on a non-IPDS printer because it seems only to print via IPDS defined printers. It might be easiest to convert the file into something more universal, such as PDF, in order to successfully print this graph on an ASCII printer attached to the iSeries using Host Print Transform.

Changing the width of a printer file
Printers aren't always right. If it says your maximum file width is 378, don't take no for an answer when you want to print with 1,500 width. Learn how to use the AFP Toolbox to make the any printer file width changes on your AS/400.

Printing options in V5R1 explained
It's important to choose the print/forms solution that is right for your system. This user asks about the differences in functionality between IBM products like InfoPrint Server and Optio print solutions. John Brandt gives a summary of InfoPrint Server capabilities and what it can do for your iSeries in V5R1.

Prevent pagination from being lost
Dragging and dropping is not all it's cracked up to be. When you drag/drop a spool file to your desktop it ends up as a simple .TXT file -- not what you want when attaching to an email as a file with page-breaks. To prevent pagination loss using OpsNav to send AS/400 reports, learn how to write a program that copies the spool file to a database file along with forms control characters.

Prevent print copy from being cut off
Don't let you printer cut corners. If you find that print copy is cut off with a new network attached HP printer, find a link to documentation that could help in this expert response.

Achieve automatic page orientation
Automatic page rotation selection on IBM i is done by host print transform. Check out how to make sure the page orientation is what you desire for each print job.

Turn an output field into a barcode
Can RPG turn an output field into a barcode? Expert John Brandt says yes! And tells you how, in this expert response.

Updating spool files
An invaluable tool in testing and developing forms is the ability to modify and create spool files easily with different conditions, max filled fields etc. without having to change the database and run the ERP applications. Learn to update spool files in this tip.

Printing techniques -- Enhance reports with highlighted or underlined text
Have you ever wanted to highlight or underline a field in a report? This can be done two ways: by using a print file (PRTF) or embedding the code within the print specifications of an RPG program.

A quick way to parse spooled text files in Excel
If you want to parse spooled file rows on IBM i, Excel has a tool that makes the job a snap. Just use the Excel's Text to Columns feature. Manolis Mariakakis makes it easy to learn this simple tool in a step-by-step iSeries tip.

Copy a file to CSV, with column headings
Command your iSeries to copy any DB2/400 file into a CSV file in the IFS, and even include column headings if you want to.

Query feature helps you produce reports faster
Produce reports quick as a bunny with the AS/400 query feature. Did you know that you can place a query on the job scheduler at the end of the day so the report is waiting for you the next day? Check out these query tips to make your report printing a breeze.


Chapter 4: Working with overlays


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Cleaning up overlayed documents
Shadows and other unexpected items are preventing a user from creating an overlay of a formatted document with AFP Workbench Viewer. Get tips on how to clean up your documents.

Print overlays from the AS/400 using the IBM AFP printer driver
The AFP printer driver from IBM ensures that any source file can be used to create an overlay.

Printing IPDS with overlays to Xerox MFU printers
Configuring your Xerox printer to work with the Host Print Transform function allows for native printing by converting files into printable ASCII data streams.

Ten steps to creating form overlays for the iSeries-AS/400
Using IBM's Redbook on AS/400 printing, find out the drivers, forms and commands necessary to print overlays on the iSeries-AS/400 without a software purchase.

Printing tool eases use of overlays
The Advanced Function Printing Utilities tool is a licensed program designed to assist with advanced function printing and overlay creation.

Print overlays from iSeries
A reader contributed this RPG program for viewing print overlays from the AS/400.

Get rid of those cumbersome, costly forms
Replacing forms with overlays is simple, thanks to enhancements with AFPDS printing and a three-step overlay creation process.


Chapter 5: Working with spool files


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Printer output file won't open
To view a printer output file in iSeries Navigator, make sure that AFS Viewer has been installed with Client Access Express.

Problems printing a graph
Converting an *AFPDS spool file to a PDF file is the only dependable way to have it print on an ASCII printer.

How to view AFP print spools remotely
An AFP spooled file can be viewed anywhere with the AFP Viewer in iSeries Navigator.

How to combine multiple spooled files into a PDF
The Copy File (CPYF) command can get your spooled files into a physical file and back again in order to index the newly combined spooled files into a PDF file.

Spool files to PDF with InfoPrint Server
A printer's *PSFCFG object controls the size and resolution used by InfoPrint Server when creating a PDF file.

Problems printing a spool file from the iSeries
An error message regarding a lack of established connection at a network printer's specified IP address and port is stopping a user from printing a spool file from his iSeries.

Pulling spool files to a PC and printing when needed
Copying your spooled files to database files for backup storage, rather than unnecessarily printing them in anticipation of AS/400 emergencies, requires certain commands and conversion procedures.

Character limit causes problems when printing
A printer file in RPG/400 with a 190-character length will not open in full without using the OVRPRTF override command.

Learn the benefits of the WRKPRTF to locate spool files
This reader-submitted code determines spool file location with the WRKPRTF command.

Use APIs to produce all spool files from a specific OUTQ
This tip offers a program code example that uses application programming interfaces (APIs) to modify attributes of all the spooled files of an output queue.

Controlling access to spool files
OS/400 allows the contents of spool files to be viewed at will. To keep these files secure and away from prying eyes, direct your spool file into a specially created output queue specified in your application's printer file.

Print spooled files on another system
Copying spooled files between systems is made simple with the iSeries Navigator.

Did your spool file print?
Using this tip's code to change user profile parameters will advise them when their spool files are either printed or held by the printer.

Know where your spooled files are going
Job descriptions, printer files, user profiles, device descriptions and system values can all be used to direct your spooled files to a printer.

Email or save spool files from your desktop
The AS/400 Operations Navigator is a graphical user interface used for managing your AS/400 environment, such as the emailing or saving of spool files.


Chapter 6: Distributing documents Return to Table of Contents


Emailing using the iSeries
Get a step-by-step process for sending and receiving email with the iSeries.

Attaching more than one document when sending email
A batch program written to repeatedly call the SNDDST command and a mail API are two options when attempting to attach more than one document to an email from the iSeries 400.

Output a spool file to multiple printers
Sending duplicate spool files to different printers is simple with this control language (CL) code.

Distribute spool files to printers easily
The right mix of user profiles, distribution entries and the SNDNETSPLF command can make distributing spool files to different printers a breeze.

Send spreadsheets from AS/400 via email
The IBM AS/400 can send spreadsheets as attachments through email, as long as several simple rules are followed in a Query/400 output file.

Emailing spool files the easy way
This program code will allow for the emailing of spool files and reports to users.

Configuring email with InfoPrint Server
To convert an iSeries spooled file to a PDF with InfoPrint Server and send it as an email, your OS/400 must be configured to send email.

Does email distribution from the iSeries 400 frustrate you?
If an email from the iSeries 400 is too long, it occasionally arrives as different packets. The solution to this issue is to set server attributes, such as the message split size parameter, correctly.

Send spool files in PDF format by email
In this tip, find a program designed to transform a spool file into a PDF file and send it via email.

Delivering report via FTP
The FTPSPLF command can manually deliver a report to a remote FTP server via FTP itself.


Chapter 7: Print/document management tools


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AS/400 Report Splitter (RJS Software Systems)
The AS/400 Report Splitter from RJS Software Systems can automatically split AS/400 reports into manageable sections before they are emailed, published or printed.

Barcode400 (T.L. Ashford)
Barcode400 from T.L. Ashford lets users design and print labels directly from the System i.

Catapult (Business Computer Design International)
BCD Software's Catapult is an automated iSeries report and distribution application that formats and delivers iSeries spool files in numerous formats and fashions.

ColdPoint Report Splitting & Distribution (GTOS)
ColdPoint Report Splitting and Distribution from GTOS is software designed to split AS/400 reports at predefined points and send in numerous formats through email.

Document Imaging and Management Solutions (RJS Software Systems)
Document Imaging and Management Solutions from RJS Software Systems can digitize and organize your System i, AS/400 and iSeries documents.

Electronic Document Distribution for the iSeries (Quadrant Software)
Electronic Document Distribution for the iSeries from Quadrant Software is provided by applications such as FastFax, which works with your iSeries to send tailored documents via fax or email.

eliteFORM (Elite Document Solutions)
Elite Document Solutions' eliteFORM Designer and Administrator can convert scanned forms into editable electronic documents and manage said documents, respectively.

EZeDocs/400 (Acom Solutions)
EZeDocs/400 from Acom Solutions is native iSeries software that produces and distributes laser-quality business documents.

Formatter Spool File Pre-Processor (Quadrant Software)
The Formatter from Quadrant Software allows users to manipulate pages of any iSeries documents while eliminating any common redundancies.

InfoPrint Server for System i (IBM)
IBM's InfoPrint Server for System i makes printing and emailing reports simple with the ability to transform any standard System i output into the Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) or PDF format.

InfoPrint Designer for System i (IBM)
IBM's InfoPrint Designer for System i comes with a graphical interface for creating, sending and printing electronic documents with numerous options for text, font, graphics and images.

LaserVault Reports (LaserVault)
LaserVault Reports comes with two parts: A secure server for archiving your reports and an interface where reports can be emailed, faxed or printed.

MarkMagic (CYBRA)
MarkMagic from CYBRA helps users create and print bar code compliance labels, RFID labels and forms printing.

MapForm (Midland Information Systems)
MapForm from Midland Information Systems offers formatting and design control for System i forms and business documents.

S4i Express (S4i)
S4i Express takes reports in the PDF, HTML, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word file formats and captures, separates, indexes, bundles, delivers or archives the data.

Printboss (Wellspring Software)
Printboss from Wellspring Software eliminates the need for multiple forms and allows for multiple report copies to print in multiple formats.

SpooliT (Asymex)
SpooliT from Asymex is a System i and PC client server application that manages, delivers and produces System i, iSeries and AS400 spool files.

Tips and advice for using tools

Printing tool eases use of overlays
If you need assistance with form overlay design, don't spend money on extra software. The Advanced Function Printing Utilities tool, a licensed program designed to walk users through creating an overlay or a page segment, may be already installed on your machine.

InfoPrint Server & Designer enhancements explained
IBM's iSeries product manager discusses compatibility issues, printing capabilities, the principal electronic delivery format and any other questions about the enhancements to InfoPrint Server and Designer.

Document and image management software -- real solutions for everyday business needs
Managing your images and electronic documents through a Web-based application can improve the productivity and orderliness of your organization. This webcast will help prepare you to scan, store, manage and distribute your reports and other files with ease.

A step-by-step guide to report conversion and distribution automation on the iSeries
Replacing printed copies of your reports can be a boon for your organization. This webcast offers a detailed explanation on distributing and converting reports in either the PDF or Microsoft Excel file formats.


Chapter 8: Additional printing resources


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TechTarget's ITKnowledge Exchange
Get answers to your printing and output questions from other TechTarget members who have expertise in that area.

Printing on iSeries news, help and research presents the best in expert technical advice, reference guides, white papers and news on iSeries printing.

Information on printers from various manufacturers
If you are having printer issues, get detailed information on specific types of printers and their supported printer data streams, Microsoft Windows Only-capabilities and more.

iSeries Information Center: Printing page
If you're looking for information on iSeries printing functions and services, the iSeries Information Center has guides on InfoPrint Server for iSeries, Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) and AFP Utilities.


Chapter 9: Just for fun!


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Word Search: iSeries printing
Love word jumbles? Love thinking about printing terms? See if you can find the 40 listed items in the iSeries printing word search.

Dig Deeper on Printing-Imaging Tools