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Fast Guide to System i/iSeries book excerpts

Find IBM System i (AS400, iSeries) related book excerpts and chapter downloads in this guide. Topics range from iSeries books on Java programming, iSeries web development, RPG legacy applications and more.

Are you looking to broaden your System i/iSeries knowledge? Whether you're an iSeries newbie or an iSeries professional that is mid-career, we have the perfect opportunity for you. As a member of, you're entitled to complimentary chapter excerpts to some of the top iSeries books on the market.

If you're already a member of, simply click over and start enjoying a wealth of information. If you haven't had the opportunity to join, let me invite you to do so now. A membership is free and a must-have for iSeries professionals. After all, knowledge is power and in this competitive iSeries market, it's vital that you keep your skills sharp in order to secure your position in the workplace.

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-- Deb Tart, associate editor

Chapter experts for iSeries programmers

Chapter experts for iSeries administrators

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