• Learning guide: Steps to a secure System i

    This organized list will guide you along your way to maintaining a secure iSeries system. Undoubtedly, the iSeries is one of the most secure platforms out there, but don't be mistaken in thinking that it is untouchable. Address the basic security ...  Continue Reading

  • System i date conversions in RPG

    Date conversion in RPG is something that we do without too much hassle. Years ago, we'd use wacky calculations, which are now deemed harmful to proper processing. The old multiply by 100.0001 is a bad way to go. System i programming expert Andrew ...  Continue Reading

  • Making sense of the security audit journals

    To track security events on your System i, IBM has quite nicely provided an extensive security audit journal function to help you. When you have security auditing active on your system, all sorts of relevant security information is regularly stored...  Continue Reading

  • System i modularization -- part 1

    Modularization is the key to reaping the benefits of Integrated Language Environment (ILE). It is the major factor in cutting development time and increasing programmer productivity -- the more effective the modularization, the more productive the ...  Continue Reading

  • Stored procedures allow you to balance network loads – Part II

    In part two of this series on SQL stored procedures, Ron Turull explores how it can help optimize client/server applications, among other things, without bogging down the server. Isn't that the reason you went to client/server in the first place?  Continue Reading