• Additional Sytem i password validation

    While the System i operating system has very good features for controlling password selection, sometimes your password policy just can't be enforced without additional checking. You may have a list of reserved words that you specifically do not ...  Continue Reading

  • Display documents on your iSeries -- quick and easy

    Somewhere along the line, the DLO (i.e. Document Library Objects) system became somewhat reliant on OfficeVision. Sure, you can navigate around the DLO system with i5/OS DLO commands, but you are pretty much limited to displaying just the names of ...  Continue Reading

  • Watch those iSeries system values

    Security expert Rich Loeber recently installed a new i5 System i server in his office. Rich explains that this is always an exciting time and he normally rushes to get the system set up so he can move operations onto the new hardware as soon as ...  Continue Reading

  • Why implement System i security anyway?

    A recent survey of System i shops reports very disturbing information. While we are justifiably proud of the robust security offered by our favorite platform, when push comes to shove, it turns out that a lot of System i shops come up short on the ...  Continue Reading

  • Supporting an iSeries empire

    You're on a date with your significant other and your operator calls "The SO AND SO is down!" It is a 45-minute drive home to drop off your grumbling date. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a way to help your operator out for the five minutes of ...  Continue Reading