• Display attributes made simple

    What do you do when a legacy application you're maintaining is out of indicators and you want to control the display attributes? Steve Croy has the solution -- a very simple service program -- right here. He has created a prototyped procedure that ...  Continue Reading

  • Microsoft computing: Integrating the iSeries and Microsoft Office

    Traditionally, IBM and Microsoft have not been the best of friends, but ironically their respective business platforms make pretty good partners. Chris Peters, co-author of the i5/OS and Microsoft Office Integration Handbook, reviews the benefits of...  Continue Reading

  • Debugging: DBU and journals member Lynn Roggentien writs, "I view a lot of journal records via DBU. I use this for debugging. I found it cumbersome to use F16=Search. I would much rather use SQL or Query to wade through all those records." Click over to view ...  Continue Reading

  • Take control of your iSeries network security -- Part 1

    Long gone are the days when the iSeries was a safe, closed system. With the ability for users to access and modify data, you need to have controls in place. Start by taking a look at your network attributes. In this tip Rich Loeber show you how you ...  Continue Reading

  • Cleaning up IFS files member Stacey Thompson writes, "Although there are many ways to clean up IFS files it seems that the easiest was is to use QShell. " Click over to view the complete tip.  Continue Reading