• Introduction to multi-threaded programming -- part 1

    Multi-threaded programming was introduced on the AS/400-iSeries back in V4R2, but was limited to C and Java programs. Multithreaded programming took a big step up with the release of V4R4 when multithreaded support was added to the RPG and COBOL ...  Continue Reading

  • Limiting security officer access

    Security expert Rich Loeber explains the best way to limit the places a person can log on as QSECOFR, to insure that someone cannot log in from any desktop or workstation as QSECOFR other than the main console.  Continue Reading

  • RPG SELEC statements: Improve the performance

    According to systems management expert Ron Turrull, the performance of your RPG programs may be suffering if you use the SELEC statement. Ron says that the SELEC op-code is a great, recently added feature in RPG used to create multi-conditioned, ...  Continue Reading

  • System i5 backup: Brushing up on BRMS

    Backup and recovery expert Ken Graap is a big fan of the IBM backup Recovery and Media Services (BRMS) product. According to Ken, BRMS has proven to be a robust and complete software solution for backing up and recovering the AS/400, iSeries and i5 ...  Continue Reading