iSeries security planning

  • Network/Internet security approach

    When your system is connected to a network, you cannot always guarantee the integrity of the person at the far end of a network connection. With this tip, we'll outline an approach to this problem that may help you to focus in on how to deal with ...  Continue Reading

  • Start security auditing with one command

    Do you want to set security auditing without creating journal receivers, journals, or changing of system values? You can with the CHGSECAUD command.  Continue Reading

  • Password security hole

    A little known security hole: If you allow adjacent digits, a user can set their password to all numbers.  Continue Reading

  • Creating your iSeries security policy

    In the past, the main security policy decision was whether or not to have locks on the doors to the computer room. That was it. In today's inter-networked world, security has become of paramount importance and your security policy is ...  Continue Reading

  • CAPP: What it represents for i5/OS

    When computer security issues started to become higher priority, the powers that be who set up standards developed the C2 standard (also known as "Trusted Computing Systems Evaluation Criteria [TCSEC], developed by the US Department of ...  Continue Reading

  • Keeping consultants honest

    I am always surprised by the number of programming shops that, in addition to their own resources, use external consultants for programming and systems tasks. The reasons are varied, but consultants present some serious security exposures. In this...  Continue Reading

  • iSeries security and performance issues

    Normally, you would not think of system performance in terms of a security issue. But, if someone with the right know-how is abusing privileges on your system, then it becomes a security issue. This tip will help you to identify some performance ...  Continue Reading

  • Keeping programmers honest -- Part 2

    In my last tip, I got a lot of good feedback from readers with additional ideas that help address the issue of access controls over your programming staff. Remember, the objective is to empower your programmers to do what they need to do without ...  Continue Reading

  • Keeping programmers honest -- part 1

    If you are like most iSeries security officers, you probably cut your teeth in the IT field by doing some programming. It might even be that you still get involved in programming and your role as security officer is a part-time role. So, you have ...  Continue Reading

  • iSeries security officer's New Year's resolutions

    Many people, myself included, take this time of year for a little introspection. As the security officer for your i5-iSeries-AS/400 shop, this is a good opportunity to do just that for your installation and here's my list of some items you should ...  Continue Reading