• Tracking System i program object changes

    It is inevitable that your shop will be audited by someone looking specifically at computer security arrangements. One control that all auditors hone in on, is proof that your System i program base is not tampered with. Rich Loeber lays out a simple...  Continue Reading

  • Learning guide: Steps to a secure System i

    This organized list will guide you along your way to maintaining a secure iSeries system. Undoubtedly, the iSeries is one of the most secure platforms out there, but don't be mistaken in thinking that it is untouchable. Address the basic security ...  Continue Reading

  • iSeries (AS/400) security: Who's in charge?

    Too often computer security is an afterthought or just a pain in the neck issue that has to be dealt with because the operating system seems to require it. If this is the case in your shop, then most likely no one is responsible for security. This...  Continue Reading