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iSeries and AS/400 RPG IV at Work

Novice and veteran RPG programmers will benefit from the expert advice and new ideas and techniques in this book.

iSeries and AS/400 RPG IV at Work
Authors: Doug Pence, Ron Hawkins

This book is practically mandatory for any RPG programmer. If you're a novice programmer, you will be able to learn from the experts how to do things right the first time. If you're a veteran, you will find fresh, new ideas and techniques that will help you continue to grow in your career. RPG IV at Work opens doors and unlocks information, helping you take full advantage of the complete range of RPG IV capabilities.

Doug Pence and Ron Hawkins have spent the last two decades accumulating tips, tools, and techniques that make RPG the best that it can be. From designing software to attaining maximum performance to using advanced problem-solving tools, this book presents a wide range of important topics. It offers in-depth, practical coverage of basic subjects -- such as data structures, string handling and subfiles -- and also tackles the more intricate subject areas, such as APIs, prototyping, and journaling as a debugging tool. It covers built-in functions (BIFs), data types, and subprocedures. From coding to compiling, this book has tips for RPG programmers of every level. There are even tools and utilities from Doug and Ron's own toolbox -- tools they have designed to improve their productivity and extend their effectiveness as programmers.

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