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iSeries Know IT All Trivia

How well do you know the iSeries? Test you knowledge with these trivia questions.

How well do you know the iSeries? Test you knowledge with these trivia questions. Created with the help of -- one of our sister sites -- this quiz challenges how much you know about the iSeries and related technologies. Give your brain a mini-work out and find out if you're an iSeries Know IT All.

Go to the bottom to see the answers and get more information on the different technologies.


1. What's the name of the microprocessor developed jointly by Apple, IBM and Motorola that uses reduced instruction-set computing?

2. What's the name of the fully procedural programming language that originated as a report-building program used in DEC and IBM mini-computer operating systems?

3. What's the name of the industry standard for setting up and managing computing and data exchange in a distributed computing environment?

4. What do you call a solution to a bug in an IBM software product that is developed after a customer or someone at IBM encounters a problem and an authorized analysis report (APAR) is written?

5. What is IBM's proprietary operating system for the iSeries?

6. What technology allows the division of a computer's processors, memory and storage into multiple sets of resources so that each set of resources can be operated independently with its own operating system and applications?

7. What's the name of the open operating system from IBM that is based on a version of Unix?

8. What do you call a platform-specific software compiler that speeds up the interpretation of Java bytecode to native-machine code for better performance?

9. What platform-specific set of instructions allows a computer or browser to recognize and run Java applets?

10. What term is used to describe how Java improves performance by automatically cleaning up unused memory "on the fly"?

Answers and more information

1 -- PowerPC
For more information on processors for the iSeries, check out our Best Web Links on New iSeries Models.

2 -- RPG
Check out our Best Web Links on Developing Applications with RPG for more information on this programming language.

Don't forget to look through our programmer tips for suggestions and advice.

3 -- DCE
Get more information on managing distributed computers in our Best Web Links on Systems Management.

4 -- program temporary fix
Our Best Web Links on PTFs provide up-to-date information on the latest PTFs for the iSeries.

5 -- OS/400
For more information on OS/400, including the latest release -- V5R2, check out our Best Web Links on OS/400.

6 -- logical partition
You can get more information on logical partitioning on the iSeries in our featured topic, Logical Partitioning.

7 -- AIX
Check out "Native AIX rumored for iSeries logical partitions"for more information on AIX support on the iSeries.

8 -- just-in-time compiler
For more information on Java, check out our Best Web Links on Java.

9 -- virtual machine
Get more information in our Best Web Links on Java.

10 -- garbage collecting
For more information on storage, check out our Best Web Links on Storage.

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