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iSeries Access for Web tutorial

In this four-part tutorial on setting up iSeries Access for Web, System i programming expert Andrew Borts details the entire process from system requirements to server configuration.

Everyone complains that the i5 or iSeries doesn't know any new tricks. Well, this is the one argument I have with people: It only knows new tricks. The operating system can also run programs created on the first system that ran RPG III, System 38, without a recompile! So for my next few tips I'm going to get you going in the current century on the Web using your current technology. We're just changing your interface to a browser!

First off, the smallest i5 system is 600 times as powerful as the first AS/400s and can run all Web applications handily. What can we do with this speed? Let's use some serious Client Server capabilities. Let's configure iSeries Access for Web!

Part 1: iSeries Access for Web system requirements
Part 2: Creating the HTTP server
Part 3: Managing ASF Tomcat settings
Part 4: Configuring iSeries Access for Web

ISeries access for Web requires 470 megs of storage on the system, so watch your disk space. Let's get started.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Andrew Borts is webmaster at United Auto Insurance Group in North Miami, Fla. He is a frequent speaker at COMMON and is past president of The Southern National Users Group, an iSeries-AS/400 user group based in Deerfield Beach, Fla.

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