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XML marks the spot for 2001

The start of the REAL new millennium shows XML is the real bread-winner, according to our ongoing iSeries 400 salary survey. The study shows iSeries 400 programmers with XML know-how average $72,262 per year, $7,285 more than iSeries 400 Java programmers.

And while IT salaries tend to grow 6-8% each year, salaries for programmers who have XML and other hot skills "often grow by as much as 10-15% annually," says Bill Coleman, vice president for compensation at

Check out these links to learn how XML can help your career and your company in 2001:

IBM bets on XML for iSeries. Rick Stevens, IBM's chief engineering manager for iSeries application development, tells Search400 how XML will "bridge existing data sources for such things as B2B transactions."

XML support on iSeries. Here is ground-zero source for information about XML on the iSeries 400 platform. IBM's site includes resources for programmers, with a lab that shows the XML tools being developed by IBM's alphaWorks division. For answers to nearly all your XML questions, check out this site. Its XML-specific search engine promises to serve up the most relevant XML resources. And it offers plenty of technical tips and advice.

Say hello to XML. This article may seem pedestrian now, but it features links to still-useful XML tutorials at Microsoft and Sun Microsystems.

IBM's AS/400 Chief Scientist Frank Soltis talks about the role of the AS/400 in e-business. For a broader take on e-business, check out this Infoworld interview with Dr. Frank Soltis, IBM's chief scientist for the AS/400 platform. Soltis describes how iSeries 400 shops are re-tooling their operations for e-business.

The XML industry portal. Dig into the XML Files, where you'll find nothing spookier than trade show coverage and news flashes from the front lines of e-business development.


About the author: Mark Baard is a contributing editor in Milton, Mass.

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