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Working with MySQL

Use MySQL as a tool to help handle some of the data that comes from vendors.

I have been using MySQL as a tool to help handle some of the data that comes from a vendor. Some vendors provide...

more data than we really need so rather than transfer the entire file to the 400 IFS and have the iSeries grind away it, I pre-process the data on a PC using MySQL. For instance, I only need seven fields from a file that contains 39 fields. Using a script, I load the vendor's file into MySQL, perform some cleanup of foreign characters, then output a file from MySQL containing the seven fields to the IFS of the iSeries. I then process the data from there.

So the PC does the bulk of the data grunt work (relatively quickly) and the iSeries gets just the data it needs. And these tasks are all contained in a couple of batch files and a SQL script file.

You can download a free copy of MySQL. It's another tool to get the job done.


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This was last published in March 2003

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