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Who is locking those file records?

Eliminate the frustration of struggling to find out who locked the file records.

Facing record lock problem on iSeries is very common -- most of us face it on daily basis. Assume that there is a physical file that can be accessed by a number of users at the same time; you want to update a record that is locked by another user. How do you know which user has locked that particular record?

There is a very helpful command on the iSeries that gives you this information. I'm referring to the DSPRCDLCK command.

Type DSPRCDLCK on the command line and take a prompt by pressing function key F4. Fill the required parameters, such as the name of physical file, library name, member name, etc. and press enter.

It's as simple as that!

You will get a screen that shows you the locked record number, name of the job and the user who has locked that record, the job number, status, and the type of lock.

Now, just ask that user to release the lock and go ahead with your work.


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