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Which JOBQ was that job submitted to?

Determine which JOBQ a particular job is running from.

Have you ever wanted to be able to determine which JOBQ a particular job is running from? Issue the command WRKUSRJOB USER(*ALL) JOBTYPE(*BATCH) ASTLVL(*BASIC). This shows every batch job running, and those waiting to run, sorted by JOBQ. If you use PDM, you can set up a "User-Defined Option" to access this without having to get to a command line. In PDM, press F16 to go to "Work with User-Defined Options", then press F6 to create. Type WU for the option and key in the command. You can now access this handy function in PDM.

Side note: I also created a WU command to access this from any command line -- it worked great at Security Level 20. Now we're at 40 and the command blows up all over itself when I issue it. The other ways work fine - just the command-line version doesn't work at level 40. Go figure.



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This was last published in December 2002

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