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When was the system last IPL'd -- and how well did it go?

Learn how to view the detailed progression of the system last IPL'd.

A previous tip shows a way to extract the last IPL date/time from the SCPF system job. This tip extends that one by showing how to view the detailed progression of the last IPL, including dates/times of each stage whether the IPL was normal or abnormal.

The System Administrator's Companion to iSeries 400 Availability and Recovery manual (SG24-2161-00) describes, in Appendix B, the QWCCRTEC tool that prints a "report" of the previous IPL stages. (The report is a QPSRVDMP spooled file, but very readable.) This tool can be called directly from a command line or another program. Below, I include a trivial CMD definition for a DMPIPLTIM command that might look neater for some.

/*      CRTCMD     CMD( MyCmdLib/DMPIPLTIM ) +            */
/*                 PGM( QSYS/QWCCRTEC ) +                 */
/*                 SRCFILE( MyLib/QCMDSRC ) +             */
/*                 SRCMBR( DMPIPLTIM ) +                  */
/*                 TEXT( 'QWCCRTEC Dump last IPL times' ) */

        CMD        PROMPT('Dump IPL Times')


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This was last published in December 2001

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