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Was that subfile folded?

Learn an easy way to find out if the subfile was folded in this member submitted tip.

When your subfile displays multiple lines of information for one subfile record, you can use SFLDROP or SFLFOLD. This influences the way in which the subfile will be displayed initially. When you unfold the page, select a record and display another page to display the details from the selected record, the subfile will be folded again when you return from the other page. You can use SFLMOD to prevent this from happening. To use SFLMOD, you have to add a one-character field to your subfile control format. The system will place a '0' or a '1' (*off of *on) in this field, depending on the status of your subfile (folded or unfolded). You can use this value to move it to the indicator you used to condition the keywords SFLDROP/SFLFOLD before you exfmt your subfile control record again. You best use one indicator, for example 97 SFLDROP, and N97 SFLFOLD, and move the value in the SFLMOD-field to direct to *in97.

A          R C2         SFLCTL(S2)     
A                       SFLMODE(&MODE) 
A  90                   SFLDSP
A  91                   SFLDSPCTL
A  92                   SFLCLR
A  93                   SFLEND         
A  97                   SFLDROP(CA11)  
A N97                   SFLFOLD(CA11)  
A                       SFLSIZ(0010)   
A                       SFLPAG(0005)   
A            MODE  1 H

C        EXFMT C1
C        MOVE  MODE  *IN97


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