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WRKJOB capabilities

Renaming the command DSPJOB in QSYS and replacing it with a renamed copy of WRKJOB allows you to manage printfiles,...

change the current job and get access to a command line from anywhere within a green-screen application simply by taking system request 3. It also means every other use of 'DSPJOB' results in WRKJOB being presented.

The only drawback of this is: It potentially grants access to the command line to every other user of the system! So, you may wish to restrict this to development machines only.

Apply this to a production system only if you are sure that users are set up with 'Limit Capabilities' of *YES or *PARTIAL .

������ OBJTYPE(*CMD)����� 

��������� FROMLIB(QSYS) 
��������� OBJTYPE(*CMD) 
��������� NEWOBJ(DSPJOB)
This was last published in January 2001

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