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Viewing disk units with OpsNav V5R1

Learn what you need to do before you view/work with disk units in normal or graphical view under hardware since V5R1.

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Since V5R1 when using OpsNav to view or work with disk units in normal or graphical view under hardware some things must be done first.

1. Grant access rights by right-clicking on the server you want to view and pick Application Administration. Click on Host Applications and then Operating System/400 and Service. Then click on Disk Units and add authorized users through the customize button.

2. Service Tools Service Port must be enabled in V5R1 -- it is shipped disabled for your protection. You do this by adding a Service Table Entry. IBM Recommends Port 3000 the command is below. ADDSRVTBLE SERVICE('as-sts') PORT(3000) PROTOCOL('tcp') TEXT('Service Tools Server') ALIAS('AS-STS') To activate you then must ENDTCP *IMMED and STRTCP.

3. When viewing/working with Disk Units through OpsNav it will then ask for a Service Tools profile and Password (Note: Since V5R1 these are different then User Profiles and should have been set up using Dedicated Service Tools when V5R1 was initially installed.


  • Once you had made the changes discussed in the tip, if it still doesn't work, you will need the following PTF MF27496 for 5722999. View APAR #MA24465 for more details.— Andy Farmer


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