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Using the iSeries as an e-mail clearing house

In a shop where you may have lots of terminal users and PC users, it may be best to route your e-mail through your 400.

In a shop where you may have a number of terminal users and PC users, it may be to your advantage to route all your e-mail through your AS/400. This will give you the opportunity to capture your e-mail and store it for your terminal users, package it up and store it for any POP clients you have and forward the mail on to another mail server you may be using example, Domino or Exchange. The following configurations are required to accomplish this:

1. SMTP must be started "strtcpsvr *smtp".

2. MSF must be started "strmsf". You may wish to increase the number of server MSF jobs started to accommodate larger volumes of mail.

3. The type of mail user is defined in the directory entry for the user as follows:

- Local terminal user should be set as "Mail service level 1 (user index)and "Preferred Address 1 (User ID/Address) Note: If the user is going to be allowed to send outside the company, you should enter an SMTP alias F19 and change under "Environment Information" in Officevision administration, change the setting for "Allow Internet Addressing" from N to Y.

- POP Mail Client should be set as "Mail service level 2 (System Message Store and "Preferred Address 9 (SMTP) Note: You should also enter an SMTP alias F19.

- For a user on another mail system such as Domino or Exchange, there are two ways to handle this.

A -- You can simply specify an alternate domail in there smtp alias entry and include that domain in your host table entries under "cfgtcp". This would redirect the mail for that user to the address associated with that domain, which would be the address of your alternate mail server. When using this technique, however you may have problems sending mail directly out of the AS/400 for those users. SMTP will want to verify that the domain exists and unless you have an internal DNS with that domain defined, it may not send for those users. This technique will also attach the alternate domain to the users return address example, instead of

I prefer the following technique for mail forwarding as defined in IBM's on-line support line database.

B - Create two new user defined fields in the system directory. "CHGSYSDIRA USRDFNFLD((FORWARDING *NONE *ADD *ADDDRESS 256)(FWDSRVLVL *NONE *ADD *MSFSRVLVL 1))The previous step is only performed once.

Next you will have to modify the user's directory entry with the following command: CHGDIRE USRID(old addr) USRDFNFLD((FORWARDING *NONE newuserid@domain)) MSFSRVLVL(FWDSRVLVL *NONE) PREFADR(FORWARDING *NONE MIME).

This users mail with now be forwarded to the new address which can be the alternate domain example, while keeping their SMTP alias entry as This will eliminate the problems associated with the previous example.

These suggestions will allow you to use your AS/400 as a mail clearing house for all your incoming mail to your company and accommodate all three types of mail users.

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