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Using the File Information Data Structure (INFDS) with a printer file

Learn how using File Information Data Structure with a printer file determines the current line number when printing a page segment.

When creating an RPG program that creates a report that uses page segments for overlays, I needed to know exactly...

what line the report was on, in order to determine the location of the page in which to print the page segment. This page segment would not always print in the same location. It would vary, depending on the amount of information on the report. The length from the top of the page to print this overlay was determined by taking the current line being processed and dividing that number by the LPN value. In my case, I was printing eight lines per inch. Instead of inserting a line counter into the program that incremented each time a line was printed, I took advantage of the File Information Data Structure (INFDS), and let it provide that information to me.





DPRTFBK           DS                      

D cur_line              367    368I 0     

D cur_page              369    372I 0     




C                   Eval      LOGO_LOC = (Cur_line/8) 


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This was last published in August 2004

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