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Using partitions? Apply PTF before upgrading to certain 8xx boxes

You must apply PTF MF26176 permanently to V4R5 secondary partitions before upgrading to certain 8xx hardware.

Thinking about upgrading to an 8xx box? If you have partitions, you need to apply PTF MF26176 permanently to V4R5 secondary partitions before the system is upgraded to certain 8xx hardware. These partitions have applications that cannot be upgraded to V5R1 before the upgrade.

This tip applies to 7xx AS/400e servers and older 8xx iSeries servers that have been logically partitioned and have secondary partitions running V4R5 and these servers are upgraded to new 8xx iSeries servers with V4R5 secondary partitions.

If the hardware upgrade is performed, the new 8xx primary will be running V5R1, but there can be secondary partitions running V4R5. Any V4R5 secondary without MF26176 will not work, due to the upgrade to V5R1 8xx processors. If the PTF is not applied, the PID V4R5 CD will not IPL the V4R5 secondary partition. If the upgrade is allowed to proceed without the application of the PTF MF26176, the IPL failure can only be rectified if the customer does a restore of their OS/400 *SAVSYS, and then rebuilds the secondary.

Before upgrading the hardware, LPARs with V4R5 must have MF26176 applied permanently. This PTF can be found at the IBM iSeries support web site using the iPTF function.

The application of this PTF on the V4R5 7xx system can be made any time before the upgrade.

Figure 1 shows a list of all the possible current models, and the current upgrade target processors. Not all models on the left have a valid upgrade path to the models on the right.

In the case of a server consolidation, the V4R5 secondary to be relocated must have the MF26176 added before the system is restored to the target.

Figure 1


About the author: Nick Harris is a member of IBM's International Technical Support Organization (ITSO).


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