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User profile disabled on NetServer

This tip explains what to do if a user disables their profile on the AS/400 x NetServer.

A user may disable their profile on the AS/400 x NetServer by entering a incorrect password too many times. If this occurs, then the AS/400 system send message CPIB682 to the QSYSOPR message queue:

'User profile TJONES disabled for AS/400 Support for Windows Network Neighborhoo access.'

This message indicates that the user profile had been disabled for AS/400 NetServer access. This does not disable the user profile for the AS/400 system or Client Access, but it stops the user profile from accessing AS/400 NetServer. To enable the user profile, update the change date on the user profile. The easiest way to do this is to use the Change User Profile (CHGUSRPRF) CL command:

1. Enter the command:
CHGUSRPRF USRPRF(disabled user profile)

2. Press enter.

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