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User options vs. commands

Minimize typing of "long" command names.

There is another easy way to minimize typing of "long" command names. If you are spending long time in PDM it is better to use "User-defined options" in PDM, such as:

QF    runqry *n &O/&N rcdslt(*yes)

SJ    sbmjob cmd(CALL &O/&N)

TS    clrsavf &L/&N

TI    clrpfm &L/&N

TL    sbmjob cmd(Clrlib &N) job(&n)

After typing the option, it is possible to "prompt" with F4 and change some info if needed.

You can copy the QGPL/QAUOOPT file in "MYLIB", and change in PDM defaults (F18) Library/Option File to "MYLIB"/QAUOOPT. This way you'll have rights to change the contents of this file and options with your own you use most often.


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