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User defined options

Use user defined options in PDM if no 'generic function' exist.

Whenever you want to execute a command on a group of objects, the possibility to use a 'generic name' (or *ALL) to identify the objects can be quite useful. However, not every command supports such a generic name. For example, the command STRJRNPF (Start journaling for physical file) doesn't support a generic name or *ALL.

To deal with this problem I use the 'user defined options' in PDM. To start journaling for a group of files I added an option 'SJ', attached to the command STRJRNPF FILE (&//&n) JRN(QSQJRN) IMAGES(*BOTH).

Then I select the files for which journaling has to be started using the possibilities in PDM. A selection can be made for a specific library, for the object name, for the object-type (*file, in this example) and the object attribute (pf-dta in this example). You can even use (F17) to select on object text or size!

Place your user defined option before the first object, and press (F13=Repeat) and (Enter). The command will be executed for all of the selected objects.

When you want to change the values for some parameters (another journal, in this example), change the entry in the user defined option file before executing the option.

It is also possible to use 'execution time prompting', but you will have to change the value for each object separately.

This was last published in March 2001

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