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Use Softcopy Library in a non-English windows environment

You can use Softcopy Library in a non-English windows environment. Learn how here.

If you are working on a non-English area, it might be a problem to use a Softcopy Library on your windows. (If your windows uses other codepage than 437 or 850.)

You can find a '.tab' files in the READIBMW library on the PC's hard disk after installation. Initially, there are two codepage files for 437 and 850 codepages.

Now, You don't have to install English windows to your PC. If your windows (for example) uses 852 code page, just copy the file into the same directory with name: Of course, the new fake '.tab' file is not a real 852 file, but it is not problem, because the Softcopy Library for V4R4, V4R1 uses only English characters, and the documentation is readable.


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