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Use PRTPRFINT to see how full your profiles are

Use the OS/400 command PRTPRFINT to analyze your profiles usage.

Use the OS/400 command PRTPRFINT to analyze your profiles usage.

The command PRTPRFINT has been available only since V4R3M0 so this is a new one to most of us, if not all. This command is a Godsend to check those profiles which are nearing capacity for one of the following reasons: Owned objects, private authorities, authorized user entries and primary group entries. Use PRTPFRINT if your profile is nearing it's maximum 16Mb. Beware the 16Mb is made up of path names to objects as well as object names so you could hit the 16Mb before hitting 100% full.


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This was last published in April 2002

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