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Understanding CODE/400 on the AS/400

With this book students will learn how to be productive with CODE/400.

Understanding CODE/400 on the AS/400
Author: Violaine Batthish

With this book, students will learn how to be productive with the IBM CoOperative Development Environment/400 (CODE/400) product. They will learn how to write typical interactive and batch programming applications using the CODE/400 language-sensitive edit, compile and debug tools. Emphasis is on the CODE/400 tools: the language-sensitive CODE Editor, the CODE Designer, verifiers, the CODE Program Generator, the CODE Debugger, and the CODE Project Organizer. Students will also learn how to interface CODE/400 with AS/400 host compilers, all operating in a Windows environment. Examples from fictitious business applications are used throughout -- standard, everyday business assignments that a software developer would do on an AS/400. In addition, topics are organized in sequential order so students can build upon the skills needed to move to more advanced features of CODE/400.

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