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Troubleshoot LPAR and disk management GUI

This tip helps take the mystery out of LPAR and disk management problems.

Having trouble getting the GUI view for the disk units or LPAR environment in OpsNav? You may have something wrong with your service table on your system. Check the following to see if this could be the cause.

Troubleshooting LPAR and disk management GUI failure in OpsNav V5R1

When trying to use the DASD or LPAR GUI in Operations Navigator you may encounter the error, 'No Service Tool network interface found at IP address ' with a RETRY/CANCEL option. Chances are, the module cannot find the service function in the system table.

Type the WRKSRVTBLE command and check for the service entry as-sts. If it is listed, be sure to have AS-STS listed as an alias, as the entries are case sensitive. You should verify you have PTF MF27616 loaded/applied for the 5722SS1 license program, as this fixes a case-sensitive flaw in the SLIC.

If the service entry does not exist, key the ADDSRVTBLE command and press F4. Key in the fields as they appear in the example below. Note: This example assumes that port 3000 is not being used by something else.

SERVICE = as-sts (in lower case.)
TEXT = Your text description.z Aliases = AS-STS (this is all caps.)

You may want to verify the port is active. Typically, port 3000 is used but you can verify this when you display the as-sts service entry.

It's recommended to end/restart TCP and the Management Central server for this change to take effect.

Remember, V5R1 requires a separate logon for the Service Tools (SST). You'll need to have the ID & password to log on at the Service Device Sign-on pop up window.


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