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Tips for migrating from Domino 5 to Domino 6 on the iSeries

IBM's Walter Scanlan answers questions about upgrading to Domino 6 on the iSeries.

Are you thinking about migrating to Domino 6 on the iSeries but still have questions? Walter Scanlan, team leader,...

worldwide post sales support of Domino for iSeries at IBM, answers some of those questions here.

To hear more about upgrading to Domino 6 from Domino 5, listen to his webcast. You may also download the slides from Walter's presentation.

Is it feasible to upgrade a client to R6 prior to the servers?
Yes. The Notes 6 Client can be used with a Domino 5 server. The mail template must remain Version 5 until the server is upgraded to 6.

We have a 4.6 server. What happens when the directory is upgraded to R6?
The 4.6x Server has not been certified as compatible with a Domino 6 Directory. The 4.6x server is not expected to perform correctly. Among other things SMTP mail routing would fail.

What is the lowest level of Domino 5.x.x that can migrate directly to Domino 6.x.x?
Any Version 5 server can be upgraded. However, on the iSeries Domino 6 requires V5R1. The oldest R5 server supported without V5R1 is 5.06.

I'd like to know the order in which you recommend upgrading a group of servers. I have multiple spoke servers on NT 4.0 as well as my primary mail and hub servers on an iSeries. What order should we upgrade these?
The Admin or HUB server should be upgraded first. If you have multiple layers of spokes, move them out from the HUB.

If I have three Domino servers -- two on NT and another on iSeries -- can I only upgrade the one on the iSeries and maintain the rest of the NT Domino Server on V5? FYI, all address book and mails are configured on Domino on NT.
Yes. Domino 5 is compatible with Domino 6 Directory. By upgrading the iSeries, the Directories on the NT server will be upgraded but this will not affect the function of that Domino 5 server.

Is it possible to upgrade one of the four servers from 5 to 6 in the same iSeries?
Not today. We have announced multi-versioning with Domino 6.03 and Domino 6.5. This will allow you to upgrade a single Domino instance on an iSeries without upgrading other Domino servers on the same system. This will not require LPAR. This function will not be ported back to Domino 5.

This was last published in March 2003

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