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Tip for troubleshooting the Express Toolkit

Troubleshooting the Express Toolkit can be very frustrating. It generates a myriad of cryptic messages, all of which are less than helpful. To get the most value out of these messages, be sure to use Express's History Log feature.

CA/400 Express logs error messages in its History Log. By default, the History Log isn't active. To ensure messages are written to the History Log, use the Service applet in the Express program group to enable the History Log. You can view the History Log through either the Service applet or through the History Log icon in the Windows tray (in the same area of the task bar as the clock).

The entries in the History Log consist of messages with and without message IDs. Those messages with IDs have online help available and you can view that help (and its associated cause and recovery information) by double-clicking on the message. Messages without IDs don't have additional help information.

Express also, from time to time, displays messages that are logged on the AS/400. These messages begin with PWS or IWS. To display one of these messages, from a green-screen, use:

    DSPMSGD RANGE(mmmxxxx)+
where mmm is the message prefix and xxxx is the message identifier.

Also helpful in troubleshooting Express error messages are the Express error message return codes, which are best documented on the Web at the URLs shown below. There are links to this pages in the Express online help, but they are often hard to find. Make it easy on yourself and bookmark the sites below now!

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