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The iSeries Pocket SQL Guide -- Chapter 4

SQL concepts & facilities will help you to master iSeries SQL database development. Download your free chapter today.

As a registered member of, you're entitled to a complimentary copy of Chapter 4 of The iSeries Pocket SQL Guide written by Brian Kelly and published by MC Press. This chapter, " SQL concepts & facilities " will help you to master iSeries SQL database development.

The iSeries Pocket SQL Guide

Book description:

In today's IT landscape, most shops support heterogeneous systems with numerous client and server PCs, and even Unix boxes. Ironically, all of these non-iSeries platforms, from the smallest to the largest have one thing in common in the relational database area. They all use SQL as their data language. That's a big change in the database landscape. Nobody even tries to deny that SQL is now the industry data/query language standard. IBM backs SQL 100%. A quick look at the SQL function list for V5R4 gives a good indication that SQL will have an even more important role in the iSeries future. IBM has been chipping away at all the little things and the annoying things over the years so that SQl is no longer a lesser function cousin on iSeries to DDS. It certainly is not yet the time to throw in the DDS towel but the new SQL functions are more and more compelling with each release. So, today, it makes little sense for an iSeries professional to not be on board by warming up to SQL – at least for functions that return sets of data.

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