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The Southwest: an iSeries dust bowl?

Is the iSeries job market in the Southwest drying up? In a recent Career Tip, Russ Curtis, CEO at JustAS400Jobs, noted "surprising growth (for IT jobs) in the Southwest and Rocky Mountain regions," an area that includes Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah and Southern California.

Then a Career Tip subscriber e-mailed search400 to say Phoenix is, in fact, losing iSeries jobs. Many of the iSeries programmers he knows "are leaving for California, Colorado, New York and other locations," he writes.

Yet Nate Viall and Associates reports that iSeries programmers in Western states lead the nation with average salaries near $56,000. (Southerners' salaries bumped up a percentage point from Q3 to Q4 in 2000.) And Phoenix's leading industries, such as services and manufacturing, draw some of the highest in Viall's salary survey.

Let us know if you think Phoenix is a bust for iSeries professionals -- even if the city's job growth in 1999 was more than twice the national average.

And check out these link for more regional IT job statistics:

AS/400 salaries still climbing (Free registration to site required.)
"Growing regional economies have helped spur salary increases in the AS/400 community," Nate Viall says in this November 2000 News400 story.

RHI Consulting 2001 Salary Guide (Downloadable PDF version.)
High-tech, telecommunications, construction and manufacturing make job growth in the Southwest "the strongest in the nation," according to this report.

Desert Oases
Fourteen months ago, this writer found a healthy IT job market in Phoenix.

Hits and misses: Fast growth in metropolitan Phoenix
This Arizona State University Study reviews some of the challenges Phoenix faces in the wake of its explosive growth. (The city's population jumped 263% in the between 1960 and 1990).


About the author: Baard is a contributing editor in Milton, Mass.

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