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The Modern RPG IV Language, Third Edition

The essential RPG IV reference has been updated to cover all the new functions and features added to the language since 1999.

The Modern RPG IV Language -- Third Edition
Published by MC Press

The Modern RPG IV Language has been a bestseller ever since its first edition was published in 1988. Then it was simply The Modern RPG Language, but like the language itself, the book has grown and expanded over the years as new features and function have been added to RPG. It has become the comprehensive text used by tens of thousands of RPG developers worldwide.

Now, in this third edition, internationally recognized RPG expert Bob Cozzi has updated his classic work on RPG IV to cover all the new functions and features that have been added to the language since 1999, including explanation of all the alternate syntax options and the more than 30 new op codes and built-in functions.

The Modern RPG IV Language, Third Edition takes you through RPG IV, from its foundation to its most advanced techniques. At the core of this book are its chapters on built-in functions and op codes. In these chapters, Bob details each built-in function and op code with syntax tables that give you all the information you need at a glance.

This is much more than just a book on theory and rules, however. Bob includes more than 100 charts and tables, showing how those rules apply and providing more than 350 real-life code samples of functions and operations.

Download free excerpts from the book:
>> Chapter 3: Expressions
>> Chapter 6: Program Organization

This was last published in June 2002

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