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Subfiles in RPG IV: Rules, Examples, Techniques, and Other Cool Stuff

This chapter looks at how to incorporate all the features in the PDM into a subfile application.

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IV: Rules, Examples, Techniques, and Other Cool Stuff written by Kevin Vandever and published by MC Press. This chapter, "Subfiles and Data Queues -- A Perfect Combination," looks at how to incorporate all the features in the Program Development Manager (PDM) into a subfile application.

Book Description:
This book begins with easy-to-understand explanations of subfile concepts then goes on to offer a bounty of practical examples, advanced techniques, and other cool stuff never before seen in subfile books. It is a comprehensive resource you will use over and over as you advance from basic subfile usage to guru-like mastery of subfile programming.

For each topic, the book offers concepts, explanations, and practical examples you can use as templates for further development. These templates are fully functioning programs that include both DDS and RPG IV code from basic single-page display subfiles to powerful techniques like recursion, data queues, and embedded SQL. As an added bonus, each example is included on an accompanying CD-ROM, ready to copy to your AS/400.

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This was last published in August 2003

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