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Status message in interactive programs

Here's a code for interactive programs that do a lot of processing.

  The Tip "Status messages help users get through long jobs" will work fine for long CLP batch jobs, but we find the following code handy for Interactive programs that do a lot of processing. Using CEEMOUT allows messages to be display on line 24 that do not require intervention. The added bonus is a message CPF9898 being written to the joblog.
 *>  Parameters for CEEMOUT.                                                          
DMSG_TXT          S             78                                         Message    
DDEST_CODE        S             10I 0                                      Destination
DFC               DS                                                       Feedback   
DFC_SEV                          5U 0                                                 
DFC_MSGNO                        5U 0                                                 
DFC_FLAGS                        1                                                    
DFC_FACID                        3                                                    
DFC_ISI                         10U 0                                                 


 *>  Notify the user of some action.                                         
C                   EVAL      MSG_TXT = 'Building work file ... please wait' 
C                   EVAL      DEST_CODE = 1                                  
C                   CALLB(D)  'CEEMOUT'                                      
C                   PARM                    MSG_TXT                          
C                   PARM                    DEST_CODE                        
C                   PARM                    FC                               


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