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Shortcut keys for cut and paste

Customize your Client Access keyboard setup.

You can customize your Client Access keyboard setup so that CNTL <C> and CNTL <V> work "correctly" for cut and paste. Choose <Assist> <keyboard setup> <Customize>.

For copy:

Highlight the letter C.
Select the function EDIT COPY.
On right side click ->Cntl.

For paste

Highlight letter V.
Select function EDIT PASTE.
On right side click ->Cntl.

Special bonus:

You can also copy append:
Highlight letter C.
Select function EDIT COPY APPEND.
On right side, click ->Alt.
This will let you add to the copy before you paste it.

You can highlight your green screen by dragging your cursor or holding shift and using your arrow keys. Once the desired text is highlighted you can CNTL<C>, ALT<C> or CNTL< V> to copy, copy-append or paste.

Happy pasting!


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