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Search for a user by name or part of name

Find and keep your user database clean and updated without any CPU-heavy query run, or similar jobs. The function is included in OS/400. Find the users who have forgotten his/hers ID, fast and easy. If the department is used in the Text-field, find and list the users in an easy way.

Follow the steps.

2. Select option 2 -- Work with objects
3. On parameter Library = QSYS
on parameter Type = *USRPRF
leave the other fields with *ALL hit Enter
4. On the display "Work with Object Using PDM" where all user profiles is shown, hit F17=Subset
5. On Text field write what you want to select. It's NOT case sensitive. Just keep in mind that your selection will result on every text field on user profiles, containing your characters or numbers.

The function is also applicable on other object types e.g. *FILE *DTAARA *QRYDFN *USRSPC *PGM and many more.

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