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If you ever get the advice to STRHOSTSVR *ALL but it doesn't help, this might be why.

If you ever get the advice to STRHOSTSVR *ALL but it doesn't help, this might be why. *ALL doesn't mean literally all. There's a file QATOCSTART that determines what server will be started by this command. I can't advise which entries you should have, but compare this it with one from a system that works to see if there are any differences.

The other thing to watch out for with STRHOSTSVR *ALL is that you may not get sufficient notice if it fails. If you try the command and it doesn't do what you want, track the job down and look for a joblog. For example, I had trouble transferring files from my iSeries; getting communication error messages every time. I ran the CWBPING command from the MS-DOS prompt on my pc and it said something about a WINSOCK error with a list of data access servers not started. By blind luck I tried STRHOSTSVR SERVER (*DATABASE) and nothing happened. There was no indication that anything had happened. I finally managed to track down the joblog to find that a program was not where it should have been. I copied it over to the library it was expected in. Ran the command again, and it worked.

STRHOSTSVR *ALL seems to be a popular fix for most problems, but it's not without it's own issues.


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