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Restoring Client Access Excel Data Transfer Add-In

Learn how to restore Client Access Excel Data Transfer Add-In.

Upgrading Microsoft Office removes the Client Access Excel Data Transfer Add-In that the Client Access installation...

added to Excel. Although you could restore this add-in by reinstalling Client Access, there's an easier way to replace it. First, start Excel, and then select the Tools menu and the Add-Ins option. Doing this displays Excel's Add-Ins dialog box. To add the Client Access Data Transfer Add-In to Excel, click Browse and then navigate to the Program FilesIBMClient AccessShared directory. Select the cwbtfxla.xll file, and then click OK. Make sure that the Transfer Data From an iSeries option is checked, and then click OK to add the Client Access Data Transfer Add-In to the Excel environment.


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Excel then adds a new Transfer Data from an iSeries option to its toolbar and Data menu. Code:

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