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Remove invalid characters

This tip teaches you how to remove invalid characters.

This RPG program will read your file and remove any invalid characters. If invalid characters are found you can change the value to blanks or zeroes depending on your field type. Array ARY is the total length of the record format.

  FPRMCP    UF   E             DISK    RENAME(RPRMCP:CPFIX)              
DARY    S            768    DIM(1)
C         SETOFF               70 
C *IN70   DOWEQ     '0'            
C         READ  CPFIX          70
C   70    LEAVE            
C         MOVEA     CPFIX         ARY C         Z-ADD 0   IN     3 0
C   1     DO    768 IN 
C ARY(IN) IFLT      X'40'    
C         MOVE *BLANKS   ARY(IN)
C         ENDIF
C         ENDDO            
C         MOVEA  ARY   CPFIX
C         UPDATE    CPFIX 
C         CLEAR  ARY
C         ENDDO            
C         SETON     LR  


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