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Remote access while QINTER is down

This tip teaches you how to get remote access while QINTER is down.

Do you take QINTER down for backups or update and still need remote system access? Client Access provides the Operations Console as a solution, but this can be costly and cumbersome to setup. You can still have remote access if you setup a subsystem for downtime operations and route specific named devices there.

First, define the subsystem. It would be a good idea to CRTDUPOBJ QSYS/QINTER to ie. QGPL/QZOPER. This would pick up QINTER's Routing Entries. Then add Work Station Name Entries to specify which named devices will be allowed to enter this subsystem. The command would look something like this: ADDWSE SBSD(QGPL/QZOPER) WRKSTN(QZOPER*) AT(*SIGNON). This will allow any device named QZOPERxxxx to enter this subsystem automatically. Next, these workstations need to be blocked from being automatically used by QINTER. This is done by adding the following Work Station Entry to QINTER: ADDWSE SBSD (QSYS/QINTER) WRKSTN(QZOPER*) AT(*ENTRY). Finally, the new subsystem has to be activated and QINTER has to be restarted. Now, whenever you want to access the system when QINTER is down, just create a named device that matches the new Work Station Entry and your job will automatically be routed to the active subsystem.

Also, this method could be used to route developer workstations to a reserved set of memory by specifying a memory pool on the new subsystem.

P.S. Make sure the subsystem is added to your system startup routine.


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