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Releasing the locks

Are you tired of trying to vary-off a device and it is locked by operating system job QSYSARB? If so, check out this tip.

V4R4 Onwards:
Next to the device you are trying to vary-off, enter 2 (VARY OFF) followed by [F4] to prompt the vary-off command. If you enter *LOCK in the FRCVRYOFF parameter and press enter it will vary off the device and release the lock.

Pre V4R4:
There is a program that is available as a PTF called QCMNGETL, this program has one parameter as follows:
CALL QCMNGETL devicename

This will get the exclusive lock released from QSYSARB and assign it to your job.

If this program is not present speak to IBM to find out the relevant PTF to get it.


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