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Rebuild Access Path after hard crash

Hard crash drive on your iSeries? Try this command.

Have you ever experienced a hard crash of your iSeries? If you have, you have then experienced the frantic calls...

from your users saying "I'm running (insert job here) and it's taking FOREVER". Well, that's because the iSeries is rebuilding the access paths for logicals as they are being opened by the users. In my opinion, this is not the best way for them to be rebuilt. Thankfully, IBM has provided a solution: EDTRBDAP - Edit Rebuild of Access Paths

This command shows the rebuild schedule for the access paths, and lets you choose how you want them done. Whether you let some remain as *OPN where they are rebuilt when first accessed, or you give a sequence number, and rebuilding is done by the system is up to you. I have found that this is an extremely valuable command.


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