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RPG ILE debug annoying you too?

Don't let RPG ILE debugging annoy you any longer.

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Debugging RPG ILE programs using the interactive source debugger. Does it annoy you too when stepping through the code using F10 and you reach a file operation it takes you to the file and steps through each and every field on the file?

Get annoyed no more! If you didn't know already, several others and I didn't, you can use a compile time option in the CRTBNDRPG command to stop this.

Simply set OPTION to *NODEBUGIO and the debugger should now step through all file operations as per normal operation codes!


  • An alternative way to stop RPG ILE debug from annoying you is to put the compiler overrides in the RPG ILE program itself. This keeps you from having to remember to change the command every time and is easilied copied into the program. I used the *srcstmt & *nodebugio in all my programs. Code: h option(*srcstmt:*nodebugio) — Al Nelson

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