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Qshell for iSeries

This book is the only one you'll ever need if you want to learn about Qshell.

About the book:

As a registered member of, you're entitled to a complimentary copy of Chapter 2 of Qshell for iSeries written by Ted Holt and Fred A. Kulack and published by MC Press. This chapter, "Running Qshell," addresses the "Start Qshell" CL command (STRQSH or QSH) and the variations on STRQSH.

Qshell for iSeries

Book description:

You don't have much choice when it comes to Qshell documentation, but now, it doesn't matter. This book is the only one you'll ever need if you want to learn about Qshell. But what is Qshell anyway? Qshell is one of the newest additions to OS/400. It is a UNIX-style shell and utilities command interface. Together, the shell and utilities provide a powerful scripting environment.

This book will not only teach you all about Qshell in a manner easier than you can with the Qshell manual, you'll find things IBM never documented there. Qshell is a great program, but it will do much more for you than IBM will tell you, and this book gives you the scoop on that inside information.

The information gleaned here will also be largely applicable to the shells for Linux and Unix, so programmers not familiar with those platforms will find those shells much easier to learn after learning Qshell.

Ted Holt and IBMer Fred Kulack take you through Qshell and show you the ins and outs with more examples than you can imagine. Further, the book is written for people who will be using modern languages like C and Java as well as those who are more comfortable with DDS, CL and RPG. So whatever your angle on the iSeries is, this book is what you've been looking for.

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