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QSTRUP is the program that runs at IPL and starts up the system (subsystems, spooler jobs, etc).� If you want to know if it had any errors, do a WRKJOB QSTRUPJD from a command line and review the joblog.

Did you also know that you can create your own version of this program if your company has jobs, writers, etc. that need to start up again after an IPL? You do that by taking the following steps:

1. RTVCLSRC QSYS/QSTRUP into one of your CL source files. (We called the source member QSTRUPIBM to distinguish it from our version.)

2. Make a copy of it and add your company specific logic.

3. Compile it with QSECOFR authority into a library other than QSYS. (We created a library called QSYSCHG for IBM objects that we've customized.)

4. Change System Value QSTRUPPGM to point to your version.

5. Be sure to do a RTVCLSRC of QSYS/QSTRUP each time you install a new version of OS/400 in case IBM has made changes to it.

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