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Put dynamic text on your sign-on screen -- Add tool to change text easily

Put dynamic text onto the iSeries sign-on screen with this added tool.

Complement the excellent tip (Put dynamic text on your iSeries sign-on screen) provided by Sauvageot Jean-Marie...

with the following program: Copy the screen Qdsignon elaborated in the previous tip and change it according to code listed to create the new file of screen SIGNONTXT. Then create the program CL SIGNONTXT and enjoy this tool.


    A                                      DSPSIZ(24 80 *DS3)
     A                                      CHGINPDFT
     A          R SIGNON
     A                                      CLEAR
     A                                      CF03(03) CF05(05)     A                                  1 23'             Sign On             '
     A                                      DSPATR(HI)
A            SNDMSG1       55A  B  6  4MSGID(SND 0001 SIGNONMSG)
     A                                      DSPATR(HI)
     A                                      COLOR(RED)
     A            SNDMSG2       55A  B  7  4MSGID(SND 0002 SIGNONMSG)
     A                                      DSPATR(HI)
     A                                      COLOR(RED)
     A            SNDMSG3       55A  B  8  4MSGID(SND 0003 SIGNONMSG)
     A                                      DSPATR(HI)CHECK(LC)
     A                                      COLOR(RED)
     A            SNDMSG4       55A  B  9  4MSGID(SND 0004 SIGNONMSG)
     A                                      DSPATR(HI)CHECK(LC)
     A                                      COLOR(RED)
     A            SNDMSG5       55A  B 10  4MSGID(SND 0005 SIGNONMSG)
     A                                      DSPATR(HI)CHECK(LC)
     A                                      COLOR(RED)
     A            SHT0001       40A  B 18 40MSGID(SHT 0001 SIGNONMSG)
A                                      CHECK(LC)
     A            SHT0002       40A  B 19 40MSGID(SHT 0002 SIGNONMSG)
A                                      CHECK(LC)


    100 PGM                                                                                                             28/06/96
    200              DCLF       FILE(QGPL/SIGNONTXT) RCDFMT(SIGNON)                                                     05/02/03
    300 READ:        SNDRCVF                                                                                            05/02/03
    400              IF         COND(&IN03) THEN(GOTO CMDLBL(EXIT))                                                    05/02/03
    500              IF         COND(&IN05) THEN(DO)                                                                    05/02/03
    600              CHGMSGD    MSGID(SND0001) MSGF(QGPL/SIGNONMSG) +                                                   05/02/03
    700                           MSG(&SNDMSG1)                                                                         05/02/03
    800              CHGMSGD    MSGID(SND0002) MSGF(QGPL/SIGNONMSG) +                                                   05/02/03
    900                           MSG(&SNDMSG2)                                                                         05/02/03
   1000              CHGMSGD    MSGID(SND0003) MSGF(QGPL/SIGNONMSG) +                                                   05/02/03
   1100                           MSG(&SNDMSG3)                                                                         05/02/03
   1200              CHGMSGD    MSGID(SND0004) MSGF(QGPL/SIGNONMSG) +                                                   05/02/03
   1300                           MSG(&SNDMSG4)                                                                         05/02/03
   1400              CHGMSGD    MSGID(SND0005) MSGF(QGPL/SIGNONMSG) +                                                   05/02/03
   1500                           MSG(&SNDMSG5)                                                                         05/02/03
   1600              CHGMSGD    MSGID(SHT0001) MSGF(QGPL/SIGNONMSG) +                                                   05/02/03
   1700                           MSG(&SHT0001)                                                                         05/02/03
   1800              CHGMSGD    MSGID(SHT0002) MSGF(QGPL/SIGNONMSG) +                                                   05/02/03
   1900                           MSG(&SHT0002)                                                                         05/02/03
   2000              ENDDO                                                                                              05/02/03
   2100              GOTO READ                                                                                          05/02/03
   2200 EXIT:                                                                                                          05/02/03
   2300 ENDPGM                                                                                                          05/02/03


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This was last published in February 2003

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