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Proper way to end WRKACTJOB

The common method for ending WRKACTJOB may not be correct.

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Most iSeries (AS/400) users do not use the correct procedure to end the WRKACTJOB command. The common method used involves the user pressing the "F3" or the "F12" command keys. This is incorrect. The job started by the initiation of the command does not end, and the job continues to accumulate statistics even while the screen is no longer displayed. This is evident in that if you re-issue the WRKACTJOB command, the screen will return with the statistics still running.

The proper way to end the command is by pressing the system request key and then taking the option to "End Previous Request" Option #2.


  • I believe this tip is in error, as WRKACTJOB has been changed since this information was correct. There is not a job collecting the statistics constantly. In fact, the stats are those continuously collected by the system. The only work done by WRKACTJOB is done when the user refreshes (F5), resets (F10), or restarts (F13), when the various machine and resource data is retrieved and processed. Click here for further explanation.-- Vernon Hamberg

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