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Prompt user to delete spool files before sign off

Some users produce spool files that are not always necessary to be printed or saved. There is a way to "force" the user to review and delete his spool files.

Users often produce spool files that don't necessarily have to be printed or saved. There is a way to "force" the user to review and delete his spool files before sign off. To enforce this follow this simple program that prompts the user to review and delete unnecessary spool files, and then executes the signoff command. (Use this in place of the sign off command.) Code:

PGM SNDUSRMSG MSG('Please delete your unnecessary spool files, then press Enter to Signoff') MSGTYPE(*INFO)

To change your user menu you may use SDA (Screen Design Aid).

Users not familiar with SDA should follow this instructions:

Suppose that program name I supplied is MYSIGNOFF. Also suppose that you have to change menu MYMENU created from source file MYSOURCE in library MYSRCLIB, member MYMENU.

1. On the command line type:

STRSDA OPTION(2) SRCFILE(mysrclib/mysource) SRCMBR(mymenu)

2. On the screen "Specify Menu Functions" choose:

Work with menu image and commands . . . . . . Y

3. On next screen press F10=Work with commands

4. Replace SIGNOFF with CALL MYSIGNOFF, Press Enter, then F3

5. On screen: Exit SDA Menus choose:
Save new or updated menu source . . . . Y
Replace menu members . . . . . . . . Y


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