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Printing tool eases use of overlays

If you use overlays for printing electronic forms, you may find this licensed program helpful.

If you're like me, your company uses some form overlays for printing various electronic forms. My company uses these overlays to print invoices for different divisions. During an upgrade from CISC to RISC, the license for the forms management software was allowed to lapse, so we had no way to change the overlays.

While searching for any solution to solve this problem, I ran across the licensed program Advanced Function Printing Utilities. By typing GO AFPU on the command line, I was able to access the menu for advanced function printing utilities. This menu has a tutorial that walks you through creating an overlay, as well as a page segment (used for putting graphics on your overlay).

I was pleasantly surprised at the ease with which I created a sample overlay. I was also surprised at how easily I created a duplicate of the forms the company was already using. I just printed an invoice, and used a printer spacing ruler to determine where I needed to put lines, boxes, text or graphics.

This licensed program was already installed on our machine, but nobody knew of its' existence. It may be on your machine, ready to solve some of your problems, without spending any money for new software.

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